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Accelerate Your Job Hunt in Tough Times

Access opportunities at startups backed by top investors that are actively hiring despite the recession

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Why AI Jobkit ?

AI Jobkit to the moon
Saves Time


Job hunting? Speed is our specialty. We're on a mission to help you grab that dream role in record time.

Our mission is direct and dynamic: Get you your dream job at record speed, with a compensation package that truly reflects your worth.

Loads of cash

Best Package

Skills like yours? Priceless. Let's make sure your compensation reflects that. We're here to champion the best deal for you.

Your Success Toolkit


New Jobs

Embrace the startup advantage: With fewer applicants and quicker responses, easily advance your career.

Job Search
Smart Resume


Don't put hours into making one an average resume. Use the power of AI to make stunning tailored resume according to every application to increase your chances of getting an interview.

Tailored resume making 


A referral can increase your chances of getting hired and it often speeds up the hiring process.

Job referrals 

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